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For 13 years successfully operating group of companies BUHALTERIJOS CENTRAS provides the following services:

• Accounting services.
We provide book-keeping and accounting services as well as consultations for UAB-LTD-LLC, MB-small limited companies, IĮ-Sole trader-Sole proprietorship, Public companies, Partnerships, Associations.

• Project financial management and accounting.
We provide finance expert and accounting services for the EU-funded projects as well as other various projects built to realize community initiatives.

• Payroll management.
Payroll management services include preparation and administration of the labor contracts, staff employment and relief, salary calculation and transfers, operational payroll, monitoring and applying of actual labor laws of Republic of Lithuania.

• Accounting program „Centas“.
We are an official distributor of an accounting program „Centas“. We distribute, install and supervise the program.

It’s worth to choose BUHALTERIJOS CENTRAS because:

• We have 13 years’ experience of successful operating and loyal customers, satisfied with our work.
• The special attention is paid to quality of services; we perform a double control on accounting.
• We provide a remote workstation - distance access to our accounting program in order for you to view, manage, and control your company's accounting information.
• You will be served by the personal accountant, who is fully responsible for your company's records. In case of the disease or vacation he will be substituted by the other professional accountant.
• We are responsible for your company's accounting and reports, for possible errors (imposed fines, penalties) assuming financial responsibility.
• Our primary focus - our customers' needs.


Vilnius | Lukiškių str. 5-415 | Ph. +370 5 2078333
Kaunas | R. Kalantos str. 34-300 | Ph. +370 37 245333
| Mob. +370 661 10 333
www.isteigimas.l t

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