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Miestai:   Vilnius
Telefonas:   37068221607

We manufacture and sell a variety of mobile catering projects, business ideas. You design it, We make it! Mobile cafe, this is a unique idea, it is very promising, and above that it’s a mobile business which quickly rewarding. We present to you our mobile business ideas like bikes, cars, trailers, which are produced using advices and experience of catering professionals. The biggest advantage of our products (beside quality) is the mobility. You can change the location of the place without fear and worrying about the electricity or water connections, our products doesn’t require any external energy sources! Trading can be carried out in the most favorable places: By the sea, in parks, events, in busy people grouping places, at intersections, subway stations, shopping centers, etc. All you need for preparation of food or beverages (for example coffee), can be easily transported from one place to another by bicycle, car or trailer. All our products are characterized by: Mobility, Quality, Food operators approval certificate, 1 year warranty, Simplicity and safety of the operation, Ability to choose custom design (promotion) or equipment. We deliver our projects all over the world. We have accomplished many projects in different countries like: Lithuania, Spain, England, Ireland, Russia, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, etc. We provide information about the suppliers of goods for business startup and train how to work with all equipment. Invoices are available. More information you can find youtube: 5eenf2rbFY7OiJq1_n8A

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